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20/20 Vision for All

Providing free eye-care for students in need across India.
817 screenings provided • 224 glasses delivered

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Changing Lives, One Pair at a Time

How We Help Communities

20/20 Vision for All was created on the principle that every child deserves proper eye care. Proper vision means better performance in school, greater fulfillment, and general comfort. Through a thorough system, 20/20 Vision For All brings eye-care to students directly without ever leaving the classroom. Since its founding in 2018, 20/20 Vision for All has reached 5 high-need schools in the Kota area, providing over 800 vision checks and 224 pairs of glasses.

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Our Process

Students Receive Effective Treatment Without Leaving the Classroom



Our optometrist have students test their vision using an eye chart. Depending on the literacy of the students, charts utilizing characters in English or Hindi are available. Additionally, a chart with images can be used for students who cannot read. Based on the results of the initial screening, students are either cleared for no detectable vision problems or are sent to get their vision checked on the auto-refractor.



Utilizing a transportable auto-refractor, our doctors can identify the required prescription on-site. The auto-refractor (Matronix Q30+) provides an estimate for the students' prescription. Doctors then use physical lenses on-site to verify the results from the auto-refractor and ensure accuracy.

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Within the span of a few days, our optometrist will cut and prepare lenses fitted to each student's need. As of 2023, the lenses are the highest quality available with blue light and scratch protection. With the help of school administrators, glasses are distributed to students. This way, students are not dependent on outside support to get the care that they need.

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We Need Your Help!

20/20 Vision for All exclusively serves government or non-profit schools that specifically low-caste and low-income students attend in India. Your donations will be used towards supporting our cause and reaching even more children across India. 

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